Keeper and Trade Help Needed

Hi All,

My team needs help making a decision on our 3 keepers along with a trade that we were just offered.

Below are the keepers we were going to choose:

  • Ezekiel Elliott
  • Kenny Golladay
  • Nick Chubb

However, we were just offered the following trade:
We receive Chris Godwin
We trade away our 2nd round pick (14 overall) and our 5th round pick (59 overall).

Note, with 12 teams and 3 keepers each, our 2nd round pick is looking at “4th-6th round talent”; also note, the league is half-PPR

If we accept this trade, we have to drop Chubb or Golladay. My teammate and I both think we would drop Chubb if we accept the trade, but, we’re having a hard time committing.

Can anyone shed some light on if they would or would not take this trade, who they would drop if they do take the trade, and why?

Any and all help/suggestions is most appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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I would stay with what you have. I like golladay over Godwin this year. He is the clear no.1 on his team and playing with the same QB. Godwin is a great talent and I have him in my dynasty and I’m very happy about that(have golladay too). But he has a new QB this year and even though everyone is writing off Evans, the guy is a baller.

If you took the trade and kept zeke, golladay, Godwin your RB two could be kinda dicey.

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I agree, I would stay with what you have.
With three keepers on each team, the starting RBs available in the draft will be very thin. I’d stick with what you have as a solid core.
Good luck!

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Stick with what you have

I don’t think it’s an awful offer… but yeah, I’d definitely stick with what you have. You already have 3 solid keepers, & while I like Godwin marginally more than either Chubb or Kenny G this year, the gap isn’t big at all, so I’d keep the picks instead of hamstringing your draft.