Keeper: Andrews or Mixon

Deciding whether to keep Mixon in 2nd or Andrews in 14th. I’m already keeping Barkley in 1st and Godwin in 5th.

12 team full ppr.


Mixon for sure. While Andrews has a good value there, going into the season with Barkley/Mixon/Godwin, that is awesome. Unless you want to play for the future as well, then Andrews as you could keep him longer. But if you’re just worried about winning this year for now, you gotta go Mixon.

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Thanks that’s where I was leaning but that value was making it hard to commit.

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Agreed! Knowing you have a great 1-2 RB punch is too good to pass up, especially having Godwin already. If Kittle or Kelce fall to you in the 3rd then I’d probably look there, but if not your roster will still be starting really well.


Mixon for sure. It be impossible to get Barkley and Mixon if it wasn’t a keeper.
That’s an awesome 1/2.

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