Keeper: Antonio Brown or Adam Thielen

12 teams, 1 PPR, 10 pts per receiving TD. 1 keeper. 9th pick in the draft.

Antonio Brown in round 1. (Seems obvious, getting him at 9th overall pick is a great value).

Adam Thielen in round 8. (The clever move, don’t see him getting past round 3 this year).

Antonio Brown seems like the obvious move. If I didn’t keep him, I would want to try to draft a true RB1, but I don’t know that one would drop to me with the 9th overall pick. However, keeping Thielen feels like it could open up my draft strategy, because when can you get a borderline WR1 in the 8th round!?

Full PPR and 10 points per receiving TD, AB for sure.

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Its AB for me. And with getting him at 1.09, I’m probably going zero RB draft.

It depends what would be available at 9, but I have a hard time believing Thielen wouldn’t be the better value.