Keeper assistance!

12 team PPR. Single keeper redraft. I have the 12th spot. Who should I keep?

Kamara for a 1.
Mike Thomas for a 1.
Tyreek for a 1.
Kelce for a 1.
Carson for a 3.
Miles sanders for a 4.
Godwin for a 5.
Lamar for a 12.

Edit: I don’t have a 2nd round pick, if that changes your mind. If I keep a player for a first, I would only have 1 player in the first 2 rounds.

Michael Thomas is the most valuable player of those 4 “1st rounders” in a vacuum, so hard to argue taking them over the consistent WR1. I’d rather have Godwin for a 5th over MT for 1st. And I’d probably rather have Lamar for free over any of this.


I think it’s gotta be Lamar, but wouldn’t fault someone for taking Thomas in a position of higher scarcity

IMHO it would be Godwin at 5. Maybe Carson at 3. It is hard to pass on Lamar at 12 but I feel like you can still get QB production and it is a one-spot in your line-up. If this is SuperFlex then Lamar no question.

I like Godwin because I would bet most people are keeping their 1 spot, which means you might have a shot at one you are putting back.