Keeper auction league help

This is a 14 team 4 keeper ppr auction league. I have to pay $5 on top of what I paid at the draft. I will include the price that I will need to pay to keep said player.

I already plan on keeping/paying for Gibson ($24) Ridley ($29) Waller ($13).

My last choice is between Murray ($13) or Chubb($43). Other league mates decisions are hidden. My first thought was keeping Chubb to secure both running back slots, however I feel like I’m not getting any value for it. My main concern is keeping Murray however is if everyone else keeps there RB’s I might have to overpay just to get an acceptable replacement

I’m keeping Kyler Chubb Gibson and Waller. WR are so deep I think you’ll be fine and could Calvin at close to the same value and if not get a WR of similar production to replace him.

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