Keeper Auction Prices Help!

Thinking about buying the UDK but was curious how customizable the Auction Price sheet was in the UDK.

Here is my dilemma on preparing for my draft in 2 weeks. So our League is standard scoring. 10 Team Keeper League( 1 QB, 2RB,3WR,1 flex(rb/wr/te),1 TE,1K,1Def and 6 bench 2 IR spots.
You can keep 0-3 keepers each year for last years price plus 30%
$200 draft day budget (minus the keeper cost)

So i am keeping 3 players and my draft money is $160. I have trouble using a lot of cheat sheets as they are all for $200 budgets which most owners will have less and there can be a max of 30 players off the board before the draft starts.

So does anyone have a good way to customize what prices each player at. From my experience the last couple years is most draft sheet say the top 3 running back go for $65 but none of those top running back are there because they have been kept. So then should i bump up LesSean Mccoy from his $47 price to like $62 since there is a smaller amount of elite RB.

Also a lot of sheets have players going for 0-1 but in our league they usually go $3-$5 because of keeper potential and whatnot.

SO not sure if anyone has a spreadsheet that can take into account how much money is off the table and what players are off the board. OR not sure if UDK contains anything like this.

If anyone has any advice to help me out it would be great… Thanks