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Keeper auction


Doing my first keeper auction this year. first time doing both. Its at 12 team PPR. I am curious as to whats a good strategy for drafting in the first year. How should i approach the auction? (whats a good way to distro my money) and for the keeper side of it do i want to go very heavy with young guys? do i want to back load my draft with rookies? open to any and all advice. thanks footers


I tagged you in an article on here. There are some good reads out there, there is good info, go google. But I will not provide links to strategies and promote some other fantasy football website or podcast or whatever it may be.

I just did my first one this year already. I would do some auction mock drafts, ESPN to get a feel of it. See what you’re roster looks like getting, say David Johnson and Antonio Brown, you may not like the strength of the rest of you’re roster for paying so much for them, and opposite if you pass on one or both. Experiment with the mock draft. You want young guys, but you want some veterans mixed in there too that you know are going to get volume and have a high floor. A good balance, and you want to keep in mind to have some good depth too.

I’m not a pro, like I said this is my first year doing it. But that is what happened with me. I love David Johnson so much I had to have him, but its wasn’t worth it. Though I did make a couple moves getting rid of him, for some great value and it worked out in the end and worked out great. But it sure had me sweating!


Auction is my favorite type of draft and this will be my 5th year. If this is the entire league’s first year in an auction league then no question the best thing to do is hold tight for the first third of the draft and let everyone blow their money. You’ll clean up later on. This takes EXTREME patience. That being said I would still get one stud WR since its full PPR.