Keeper Ballers Leage

I am looking to create a keeper league and match the Ballers league as much as possible. 12 team league half ppr keeper that you pick your first choice then randomize the next 2. Open to ideas but wanted to try to match what the ballers keeper league rules. Let me know if interested and I can try to throw it together on sleeper. We can keep it free or a little money to keep interest.

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Did you get any interest in this? I can bring in one more too

I’m keen on this, more than happy to join. Would prefer if free league but ok with small cash fee.

I’d be interested in this also - would also prefer free but again if small cash then would consider it

You 3 are the only one’s who responded. I am in for doing this , would just want to get 12.
Send me your sleeper usernames and I can add you and we can try to fill this.

Yes please add me we’ll try get some more people

Sleeper: @33jacob

Hi! Im in, @markmqller on Sleeper :football:

Sent you a sleeper message

sent you a sleeper message

Hi! I’m interested in playing. Sleeper ID is @MOD33RF

I’m interested. Sleeper name is Gratchman

FantasyPT on sleeper if you are still looking

I’m interested if there’s still room. SureluckHolmes on Sleeper.

Still need a few more

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Im interested too
My sleeper id M29
I’d be ok with a $10 buy in

I would love to join! Sleeper is jtball16

One more opening