Keeper ? - Breida vs Shepard

Keeper question: Keep Matt Breida in the 16th or Sterling Shepard in the 14th?

Full PPR - QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLEX starting lineup

Boy that’s a tough one…
I’d go Brieda. Due to reliability with a potential path to crazy upside

Sheppard is the #1 on a erratic offense that wont have Golden Tate for 4 weeks and could swap QB’s mid season, if not before. Sheppard could put a 1000 and 6-8 TDs up which isnt bad at all. But I feel due to QB play, it would be very erratic and unpredictable production

Brieda is the #2 on what should be an excellent Offense that makes RB’s look great. WIth healthy Coleman, he’ll still get plenty of work and be a worthy weekly Flex option, But if Coleman were to go down he’s instantly a RB 2 at worst.

I would feel much safer Flexing Brieda weekly than Sheppard. I’d feel much safer using Brieda as a bye week fill. Also a great chance Brieda gets most of the Passing down work.

49ers fan here. Keep Breida. They are going to use him. McKinnon can’t stay on the field and its gonna be a split with Coleman. I think Jimmy is gonna dump it off a lot too.