Keeper & CEH

Hey Footclan!

What’s the most you would pay to move up from the 1.2 to the 1.1 to get CEH?

I’ve confirmed the guy at 1.1 is going to take CEH, and I was really wanting to take him with the 1.2. I’m on the hype train big time as this would give me a Mahomes+CEH stack on top of the RB6 upside.

I’ve tried his 1.1 for my 1.2 and my 6.2, or same thing except with my 4.2 - but that’s all I’ve got to trade with this year.
I’m willing to go his 1.1 for my 1.2 and my 1st round pick in next year’s draft, but is this too steep?

My current keepers are:
(QB) Mahomes
(RB) Ekeler
(WR) Evans
(WR) Edelman
(ANY) LBell
(ANY) Mark Andrews and
(DST/K) Packers

10 Team .5PPR, Keeper league (1QB,1RB,2WR,2ANY,1DST/K with no draft penalty)

Does ANY include QB? Also, what will be available at the 1.2?

Hey @Devo_the_Sane, sorry for the delay - was waiting for other keepers to be locked in.
So, ANY includes QB - but all teams have only kept 1.
Looking at the draft board (use ballers rankings to follow), players that should be available at the 1.2 are:

RB: Melvin Gordon III (RB18), then Mark Ingram (RB23) to Zack Moss(RB42) are all there, then everyone after Marlon Mack(RB43).

WR: ARob (WR12), Calvin Ridley (WR17), Parker (WR22), Lockett (WR23), McLaurin (WR24), and Hollywood (WR25) are all there (very effing tasty).

I wouldn’t be looking at QB/TE/DEF/K at the 1.2 (as I’m fairly set at those positions), and looking at that list above I think I’d be better off grabbing one of those WRs.

My next pick isn’t until round 4.