Keeper choice 10 team PPR: Adams, Mixon, Kelce

The subject pretty much says it all, I’m leaning to Adams and Kelce but am a little scared of the RB landscape as all the other teams will be keeping at least one RB

is this just straight up keep a player, no round value or anything? If so I’m in a very similar position in my league where I have to choose between Julio and Mixon. I’m leaning Julio myself, and he and Adams are pretty much on par with each other, so I’d probably say to take Adams (mine’s also standard so WR are slightly less valuable). You might find yourself in a 0 RB situation where you start off with a couple elite WRs which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

That’s right @smlevin75, no rounds or anything, just straight up keep two, and thanks! I think zero RB is the direction I’m thinking as well