Keeper choice, 12 team, full point PPR league

Hello all, and thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully reply to my topic. I am in a full ppr 12 team league as I said in the title. We have a Franchise player and two keepers. My franchise player is OBJ. I have the option of keeping Cook in the 4th, Kerryon Johnson in the 5th, Chubb in the 15th (he was a waiver wire pick up last year) or Kittle in the 13th. I also pick 11th in our draft as I took second place last year.

I am leaning heavily towards Cook/Chubb, but I’m really tempted to keep Kittle in the 13th. In my mock drafts im able to get Jones, Fournette, or Kerryon on the 1/2 turn. I am not a fan of keeping TEs as normally I would consider QBs/TEs and DSTs to be streaming options.

Thanks for your time again,


I think chubb and kittle is the big value. Losing cook and kerryon is disappointing of course but you’re in a position to get some good quality rb with your picks.

I think having Odell, Chubb and Kittle and only surrendering 13th and 15th rounds has you at an advantage that few others will be near.