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Keeper choice?


Hey guys pick 3 keepers in .5 Ppr Tom Brady for a 10th, Ty Montgomery for a 9th, Jordan Howard for a 8th or Crabtree for a 6th? I’m personally leaning Brady, Howard and Crab but I wanted to here other opinions just in case there is a different opinion. Thanks everyone


Howard 100% for sure. The other 2, I would do Brady just for winning now, and probably Ty in the 9th. Ty in the 9th or Crabtree is a tougher call.


ty, howard, and crabtree easy. its the same thing i tell everyone. QBs are just not great keepers. not when you can pick up just about anyone else at any point in time and get pretty much the same value out of them. although a 10th for a potential top 10 QB is pretty good. do you not have anyone else you can keep?


They players I listed are my best options for keepers for sure. I’m just not to high on Ty and Tom Brady in the 10th seems like a steal. It’s my first year of playing in a keeper league though so advice is definitely welcome.


For me, its Brady and Howard for sure. The Ty/Crab decision is a little tougher. I think Ty in the 9th is a slightly better value pick, but I’m not too high on him either, I’m probably going to avoid that whole backfield. Brady, Howard, Crabtree.


I agree with you: Brady, Howard, and crab. Out of all of those players Montgomery has the biggest question marks, I mean he is very small to transition from wr to rb on an offense with aaron Rodgers. Huge value in Brady Howard and crab


Let’s talk about overall draft strategy instead of measuring the players.

Taking Howard in the 8th givers you an RB1 with the chance of drafting another RB1 or pairing him with a WR1 in the 1st round. Taking Brady gives you a top tier QB in a draft spot where you would have been taking a QB anyway. Locking down 2 top tier players in later rounds is a no brainer. Your 3rd keeper, to me, depends entirely on who will be available in the 1st round.

If there will be another RB1 available then I would take Crabtree to sure up your WR core. So your line-up will be 2 RB1s and you have the next 2 picks to take high upside WRs and hope one of them ends as a WR1. You’d be looking at QB1, RB1, RB1, WR1, WR2, WR2-3 (depending who else is available). Crabapple may even be a WR1 this year.

If there is a WR1 available in the 1st round, then I would keep TY. RBs are hard to find and you will have 2 with a starting job and a for sure WR1. Spend the next few rounds beefing up WR2s and you have a solid line-up.



In my league you can’t keep any player that was drafted in the first 3 rounds so there will definitely be talent to draft early. Thanks Guinness you got the wheels turning in my head now I really like to stock pile RB’s also but TY makes me nervous to miss out on Crab or Brady


I would be taking Ty, Howard and Brady. As @BusterD mentioned, QB’s aren’t that valuable as keepers, but I think for a 10th round pick the value is too great. And with Ty vs Crabtree, I think Montgomery’s upside is nice this year, so I would take him for the 9th round pick.