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Keeper Choices, Feedback please


Sparing the whole roster budget it coming down to 2 of these 4.
Budget of $125 for 16 rounds

Tevin Coleman $5
Sammy Watkins $13
Rob Kelly $5
Steph Diggs $1

Which Two


And then either Coleman or Kelly…

If your going for a win this year Kelly might be better… But if your want value next year possible coleman.

Def not Watkins.


Couldn’t agree more… winning this year is always paramount… I wish Coleman was the man, but i think he’ll be a 10 or touch/game guy and maybe 5-7 TDs… not a worthy consistent starter.

Definitely looking for any reason to release Watkins.

Now watch Freeman go down in week #1… its happened to me more than once. See Dave Johnson 2 yrs ago idling on my bench, released the day before Chris Johnson goes down.


Diggs and Coleman. Cheap, and effective. With the upside of freeman going down, you have yourself a very cheap 70% guy.


Also like Coleman and Diggs. Especially Coleman if in PPR


Thanks for the comments…

Coleman is super upside, but only if Freeman is out of the way…
We are DYN STD league
Yards bonuses wont help…
too many better FA’s in draft.
Coleman, luv ya but you’re gone.
Take Sammy with ya, maybe I’ll get Sammy back for a better price… Coleman too for that matter.

Diggs and Kelly for cheap and pretty solid starting RB, for now. Diggs is just so cheap and bye week worthy maybe more if Bridge gets right.