Keeper Chubb hows it change your draft strat?

.5 ppr 10 man single keeper. Drafting in 7 spot. How does keeping Chubb in 10th round impact your draft strategy?

After some mocks RB/RB or WR/WR both seem like really strong options though I might be leaning WR/WR, starting Nuke or Adams + JuJu with Chubb sitting there feels pretty good.

Pending others keepers, I would look at David Johnson at 7. If he’s not there then I would go Nuk or Adams, and then on the turn get Mixon or Conner. If you did get DJ at 7, then I would try to get Michael Thomas or JuJu with the 2nd pick.

Basically go either RB/WR or WR/RB. Get two elite guys with a balanced positional approach and Chubb to back them up. I would target another WR in the 3rd since you’re getting Chubb for pretty much free. (Diggs, Edelman, Woods etc.)

David Johnson/Michael Thomas/Stefon Diggs/Nick Chubb to start looks really nice. Follow that up with like a Josh Jacobs in the fourth and you’re going to be a contender.

I would avoid DJ at all costs. His one ‘good’ year seems like the outlier, he’s really just a guy. his avg rush yards/gm is 56 yards.with 37 yards rec/gm on 3.3 recs/gm. pretty low ypc avg too for his career (4.0). he seems highly overvalued to me. rookie qb, new HC, new offense using the chuck-n-duck system, worst o-line in football. I just don’t think DJ is anything more than a mid 20s RB. I’d take L. Miller over him any day,and Miller is about as bland as you can get.but, he consistently produces.

?? David Johnson was RB9 in PPR format last season…that was with a team that ran the fewest plays in the league on a per game basis. With this new system they will be running a lot more plays and there really isn’t any competition behind him to steal carries. He’s a great receiving back and can handle the workload. He had his breakout year two seasons ago, then injured his wrist and missed a season, and came back and was a top 10 guy after sitting a year…I’ll take that all day.