Keeper - Chubb or Conner

Time to revisit this in full PPR league and these are my choices. There is no difference in rounds to give and we only keep one.

I think Chubb is more talented over all and the Browns offense should put up points but there are a lot of mouths to feed. On the other hand a ton of opportunity has opened up in Pitt with all of the vacated targets/offensive yards leaving and based on the roster it looks like the running game is going to have to pick up some of the slack. Unfortunately, it also looks like a possibility of more time for other backs via two back sets and swapping in and out if early camp is any indication. There seems like there is going to be a change in the offense , but just how much of a change remains to be seen.

I would keep connor…both had success one caught more passes. Steelers have a track record of using only 1 back or close to 1 back…

Connor. Chubb is good but Kareem Hunt will be back and they also decided to keep Duke Johnson.

It will be week 10 before Hunt sniffs the field and even then I’m not convinced it will hurt Chubb that much. Chubb caught balls last year but not at a heavy pace. I think Hunt will hurt any value Johnson has early in the year more.


The Steelers do have that track record and Tomlin still has that mindset but it looks like some change in philosophy is happening if you are following Steelers camp. They are doing things to make sure Samuel is on the field as well and seem to be using both in passing game and one back sets as well as extra two back sets. Conner himself said he was ‘open’ to the possibility of other backs working in. (I know what else is he going to say) That sort of raised my eyebrows a little bit.

I’ve been leaning Conner all off season based on the fact that I don’t think Pitts offense will be that bad. It will take a step back without an elite WR like Brown and JuJu adjusting to becoming at true 1 but there is so much opportunity opening up for touches to go around to multiple players.

So PIT is concerned that Conner won’t be able to handle the kind of workload Bell gave them in the past. Just last season he was worn down towards the end of the season and missed games to injury. Because of this, PIT is looking at working other RBs onto the field to relieve Conner of some carries. I still think he will get around 15 carries a game (240 for the season) and be utilized in the passing game more. It won’t be a 50/50 split or anything, but there will be offensive series where Conner won’t be on the field and could lose some TD production because of this.

Chubb is in for a big season I believe. I don’t think Hunt’s return will hurt Chubb at all, but more likely it will hurt Duke. When Hyde was traded last season and it was just Chubb and Duke, CLE still didn’t even use Duke, so he may be just a backup/lightly used until Hunt comes back. Even if Chubb is just getting 12-15 carries after Hunt comes back he will be effective. CLE should be ahead in a bunch of games this season with the way their schedule looks and that means running the ball to work the clock. Also, their coach is very defensive minded and CLE has a very solid one at that. I could see them leaning on their defense and really slowing the game down offensively by running the ball a ton to wear the defense out.

You can’t go wrong with either guy here really, but I would take Chubb.

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Chubb could potentially lose carries later in the season. Connor will be a dual purpose back all year… barring injury.

Hunt won’t be much of a factor. Even his rookie campaign, hardly used along the GL then he had this long dry spell where it was getting to to point of benching him.

I didn’t even keep him in a 3 keeper the following season. Best decision I ever made. Chubb will still get the GL work.

I’d keep Conner. I agree about mouths to feed in Cleveland. Tomlin is notorious for having one featured back. While he may bring another RB in to alleviate some of Connor’s load, I don’t think it will hurt Conner’s production. DeAngelo Williams was dominate the year he took over Bell’s role and Conner will be better conditioned to be the workhorse this season. Love Chubb but I can see the Browns being a more pass heavy offense. When Hunt comes in that will take some away from Chubb.

Revisionist history is a hell of drug @EconoTeam. Doing a victory dance because Hunt got suspended for an unforeseen circumstance is a joke. Hunt was a top 5 RB in scoring last season prior to getting suspended. Had he not gotten suspended, your decision to not keep him would’ve been a horrible one. Still is a horrible one because based on decision made at the time, Hunt was an elite back. I also like how haters like to use a 4 week dry spell to negate an entire season and a half of elite production. If you want to not like Hunt, that’s cool but let’s not just make stuff up for the sake of trying to sound smart.

Also not sure where you getting this “hardly used along the GL” non sense. Hunt dominated goal line carries both years for a high scoring offense.


In terms of Chubb or Conner, depends on keeper rules. How long are you allowed to keep?

Cause in dynasty, I’m taking chubb over conner all day but if it’s only a 1-2 year limit on keeping, Conner might have slightly better near term production.

Not keeping Hunt was the best decision I ever made and it had nothing to do with his assault, which by the way I thought was BS since it only told one side of the story.

He had that long dry spell where even Michael Berry was saying it’s time to bench him. That doesn’t happen to an elite RB in the top 5. Then, they stopped using him on the GL which was brutal.

His rookie year he showed up to the combine over his playing weight which was disturbing. Much like Fournette and Penny. Those are not good signs on the biggest day of their life. It always reverts back to, “I feel good now I lost the weight”. No kidding. That is a discipline problem and that problem costs Hunt almost 2 years of his career.

Are you talking about Matthew Berry? Yeah benching hunt would be a one way path to loserville. Want to know how I know? Cause i started hunt in playoffs and he won me a chip, including beating out a Gurley owner in the semi finals.

So you’re using his weight in the combine to blind yourself to almost 2 seasons of elite production? Lmao okay there. You can do all the ridiculous story telling you want but here are the facts:

Kareem Hunt 2017 Finish: RB4 behind Gurley, bell and Kamara.
2017 Finish during playoffs: RB3 behind only Gurley and Bell.
2017 Stats: 272 carries, 1327 rushing yards, 53 catches, 455 yards, 11 TDs

Yeah I can see your point about how he wasted that entire rookie season. Let’s take a look at 2018:

2018 Finish: RB12 - he finished as an RB 1 despite only playing 11 games
2018 Finish weeks 1-11 before suspension: RB6
2018 Stats (11 games): 181 carries, 824 rushing, 26 catches, 378 yards, 14 TDs
2018 stats (16 game pace): 263 carries, 1200 yards, 7 catches, 550 yards, 20 TDs

But yeah I can see you’re point. His combine weight definitely cost him 2 years of his career. Google is your friend. Looking up stats is free.

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Like I said, I dropped him. Ended up getting James White due to the looming injury concerns on the Pats. Think he finished 8. I chose correctly. A steady RB with a strong chance of getting a lot more work. Now everyone is high on White…meh.

Hunt did have an amazing rookie campaign but it was very lopsided. Started out super fast then slowed down. Not his fault entirely but I factored that in as well. Andy Reid often screws around with what is not broken. Then I factored in the 5 games where he kinda vanished and also showing up fat like Fournette. Discipline is a dangerous thing.

White is going to disappoint. Just like he did last season. Also depends on when you dropped him. White got 70% of his production in the first 6-7 weeks or when Edelman was suspended and Michel was hurt. Last 7 weeks of the season he scored <4ppg in 50% of his games and averaged <10ppg in the rest.

And you just said you making the right decision had nothing to do with Hunt getting suspended. Obviously it did. And last time I checked, RB6 is better than RB8. You’re using an unforseen suspension to justify your horrible decision using hindsight. That is hilarious.

And as I just showed above, not only did hunt start fast as a rookie, he finished great. Was top 4 when it mattered the most, aka in the playoffs. Yet you keep saying stuff that just simply isn’t true. You want to overweight 5 bad games for Hunt but want to ignore the entire second half of last season that white was not even startable to try and do a victory lap for dropping hunt. Can’t talk reason into someone who is clearly delusional so enjoy lying to yourself.

I could have kept Hunt before the season. I didn’t like the low point from the year before and the limited GL work. Nothing to do with the assault. Pretty sure that happened later. If you think he’s great then fine. Nothing wrong with your opinion or mine. Yours is yours mine is mine.

The Browns will probably sneak into the playoffs. If that happens Hunt won’t be used much. They will be fighting with what got them there not someone who has not played. He will be eased in if they can do it. If the games are close not gonna happen. Hunt is not beating out Chubb for work barring injury.

I don’t think Hunt will be a factor this season. Chubb is more talented and has 1.5 seasons on him by the time he touches the field. That’s not the point.

Whether or not me and you think hunt is talented or good is opinion sure. His production and the numbers I outlined are not debatable. They are fact. They happened already. There’s no arguments there. Facts are he was RB4 in 2017 and RB6 in 2018 before getting suspended. Nothing you or I say can change that. The fact that you dropped him before the season started makes that decision even worse and the only thing that saved you is the suspension. Even then, he still isn’t drop worthy cause he still has value in dynasty today.

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FYI Hunt can’t practice when the season starts. Just something to think about. That happened to Willie Snead. Solid year before then barely used when he returned from suspension. When he was used he screwed up.

I use other factors besides just stats. I can’t argue those but I can say I saw a discipline problem when he showed up to the combine fat.

Ok, so who else did that? That would be Fournette. And look what happened. Both got suspended for discipline problems.

“I use other factors beside stats” - Yes cause ignoring facts and production is key to winning fantasy where the entire foundation is finding the best producers and putting them on your team. And you just advised people to ignore production in favor of some shit you heard some random analyst say one time.

Lmao. That was the worst take in the history of takes. Keep trying man. None of these guys showed up to combine fat. It’s always hilarious when some random keyboard warrior calls peak athletes fat. Fournette isn’t fat. His problems are because his upper body is just too big to be supported by his ankles while taking the punishment of something as physical as football. His ankle problems go far back to way before the combine. He’s struggled with that since high school if you bothered to go to google and do some research. Clearly that’s not your approach. Seems like your approach is to just listen to some random analyst put out some ridiculous hot take and treat that as gospel and regurgitate it hoping no one fact checks you. Good luck winning fantasy with that approach.

Just one season.

The only thing I can add about Hunt is that the guy that game him a chance in KC is the same guy that gave him a chance to sign with Browns so the office likes the guy.