Keeper - CMC or Marlon Mack?

Hey there -
12 Team, 0.5 PPR. keeper league.
We can keep just one player.
We lose a pick that is one round earlier than where the player was drafted last year.
Should I keep -

C. McCaffrey for a 1st round Pick
M. Mack for a 10th round Pick

I most likely will have a mid to late round pick for the first round, so there is a little value on CMC - and I would love to keep him - but the value on Mack is great.


I’d keep CMC.

  • He’s stable and consistent. Zeke’s a flake and Saquon will most likely regress.
  • Fair chance Colts take one of the highly rated RBs in 2020

I agree with CMC, it is a good value on Mack but, especially now with Luck’s health in question, their offense becomes scarily less threatening, and because Mack isn’t a big pass catcher he’s not gamescript proof

Mack in the 10th + best available in the 1st is way better than CMC