Keeper Comish Question

Hello Footballers,
I am the commissioner of a 12 team keeper league, entering its 4th year. I inherited commissioner duties right after year 1. A few of us are also in a fantasy baseball league together, in which im not the comish, and during the 2019 baseball league I was shorted $100 dollars by a fellow who is also in the football league I now run. He refused to acknowledge any of this and will not return my texts about why, is it taking my comish powers too far to boot him from the football league because I do not want that type of person in any league I play in where money is on the line? Please let me know you thoughts on this subject. Thanks!

It kind of depends on the rest of the league in my opinion. How would the other owners react? The biggest thing to me would be to make sure that you’re booting him because you don’t want the personality rather than because he shorted YOU the $100. Would you boot him if he had done the same to another owner?

I mean personally I already dislike this person before this whole thing happened because hes an instigator who keeps bring politics into the world for fantasy for no reason. I don’t want to say I was looking for a reason to boot him but if he had shorted someone money in a fantasy league I believe I would talk to both parties then most likely boot him. I terms of the league a few would be happy to see him leave, one would be uupset and the others wouldn’t care.

Would you have trouble replacing those two players of the one who was upset decided to leave?
If it’s a money league and he can’t be trusted to pay I couldn’t trust him. I would probably either have him pound sand, or maybe open a vote for the rest of the league.

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I could very easily find people to fill their roster spots. Even easier since most players are going back into the player pool this year from the inaugural draft. Ill probably find two backups just incase his friend decides to leave too. Thanks!