Keeper Confusion

Picking 12th in my .5 PPR - 12 team league. I can keep Melvin Gordon w/ pick 1.12, Stefon Diggs w/ pick 4.01 or Corey Davis w/ pick 8.01. I’m leaning towards Melvin Gordon just to ensure I have a top tier running back on my roster because between other keepers, and the general early run on RB’s, the RB options at 1.12 will be extremely limited. I appreciate any advice you guys may have. Thanks!

If you look at the pool of keepers and see that Melvin will forsure not be at 1.12 then yes I would keep him…

If you assume none of the top 12 RB are being kept I would be tempted to do Corey Davis.

But I’m sure in a keeper league players are keeping some RBs and Melvin won’t get to you there… So I like Melvin at 1.12

Other keepers include Gurley, Kamara and Kareem Hunt

Yeah no way he gets to you.

I’d def go Melvin Unless you want to do the 0 RB strategy which I am not framilar with or really love too much

i’d go gordon, lock in a potential top 5 back late first round, you can find upside WRs who could come close to digg production in the 4th round