Keeper Conundrum 2019

I am in a 12 team, three keeper standard scoring league that starts 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 1 flex (RB/WR/TE). Keepers cost is round drafted in the previous year.

Need to pick 3 from this list

DeAndre Hopkins - 1st round
Dalvin Cook - 2nd round
Tyreek Hill - 3rd round
JuJu - 5th round
Kerryon Johnson - 7th round

Obvious choice would be Hopkins, Cook, and Hill but I’d hate to lose my first three picks of the draft. This league also has huge scoring bonuses for long TD, both WR and RB.

This is a question of trying to get more information from league mates… also depends on your draft pick.

I would say take the values of

but if you are the 1.12 pick you probably have zero chance at landing Hopkins but if you are in the top 6 you have a solid shot at replacing him or some one close to his value while getting amazing value on other players. Hill or cook could be subbed based on how many RBs/Wrs are being kept.

The step from Hopkins to Hill/JuJu is a smaller gap then Hill/JuJu to 3rd rounder after 3 keepers from each teams have been selected.


Me personally, id keep Hop, Hill and JuJu. Yhe emphasis on the bonus for long TDs play in here for me. Still keep your 2nd and 4th rounders which could be decent back options there. The upside of those 3 receivers are to great for me to pass on. Add on the JuJu and Hill might add in return points

This is a great strategy and solid advice…but would be punting the RB position some what …I personally dont have the mental fortitude to do that and rely on guys like cohen or white as my RB2 but with that WR stack it may just be worth doing that.

Id take that chance. Could be some decent options still available. Jacobs, Montgomery, Cohen, Drake and so on. Hell, Cook could even make it back to you in the 2nd

Gotta go with HIll, Hopkins, kerryon

Juju hasnt been the #1 before, you arent getting much value with cook

How can u be a #1 without being a #1 at some point? Hes on a team that will get him the ball in anyway possible. I personally dont trust Kerryon either staying healthy or the Lions tean or line in general

Im not saying juju wont be good, but I think he’ll fall more than people think.

There are examples everywhere when a #1 leaves and the #2 isn’t what they thought. Most of last year AB was getting the double coverage and JuJu was wide open in the middle.

I think you have to go with the biggest values here in Hill, Juju and KJ. They are all 2nd to at the latest early 4th round picks. Yeah you might not get Hopkins or Cook back but you’ll be replacing them with other 1st or 2nd round caliber players, depending on where you draft it could be an upgrade.

for me it depends on where you pick in the draft. juju and hill are locks for 2 keepers and I wouldn’t even consider cook. If u have an early pick in the draft I would keep kerryon, but if your 1st rounder is towards the back, I would keep hopkins

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I’d go Cook/Hill/JuJu. Cook you’re getting right at value and Hill/JuJu you’re getting great value on. They’re early 2nd round picks you’re getting with the 3rd and 5th. You keep your 1st round pick from punting with Nuk, but he may still be there with your first round pick. Cook has way more upside than KJ for me, I’m not on Johnson’s bandwagon this year, but if you really like him, keep him over Cook then and you’ll have your 1st and 2nd round picks still.

I would go Juju, Hill and Dhops

Cook, Hill, JJSS personally.