Keeper Conundrum - McKinnon /Mixon /Cook/McCaffrey

Hey Guys, I have a 12 team Standard keeper league - you lose the pick from the draft position previous year. I’m trying to finalize who I’m keeping.

I had a weird draft last year - I picked McCaffrey in the fourth, dalvin cook in the fifth, Joe Mixon in the sixth. ALSO, I took Jerrick McKinnon off waivers, so he would cost me a 17th round pick.

I’m leaning McKinnon because of the immense value there. Am I crazy to not take one of the other three in their respective rounds?

Personally, I’d take a good player at deep discount over McKinnon at any price. Mixon or CMC would be my choice.

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I would have to agree with DFWB. Caff and Mixon… I am avoiding Mckinnon and leaving him for someone else to hopefully waste a pick on early in the draft. That way there could be a player I want in that round (where Mckinnon is picked) that I really want. There are benefits to players like him being around afterall…lol

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