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Keeper Conundrum


Greetings gentlemen, I need some keeper help from the #FootClan!

  • Background info: 12-team league, standard scoring.
  • Lineup: 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex
  • I can keep 2 of the following 5 players: Ezekiel Elliot, Devonta Freeman, Jordy Nelson, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger

Any thoughts?



Do you have to give up any picks for whoever you keep?


Zeke and Feeman!! That’s a sexy backfield.

Are you giving any picks?


I’d take Jordy and Freeman. With it being 3 WR standard you want top tier talent that catches TDs with is what Jordy is awesome at. Freeman has shown he can do it on the ground and in the red zone. If the Zeke suspension comes out before you have to pick I’d keep him if its 2 or less games.

Side note:if you know your league keeps a bunch of QBs I would do Jordy and Big Ben. 12 team 2 QB means not every team gets 3 so being able to lock one up and get 2 in the draft will give you good security and possibly trade capital after bye weeks.


Didn’t read 2 QBs!! This changes everything, and I hate all the Zeke rumors; I just can’t sleep thinking about it. Do you know what others are keeping?


Even though it’s 2QB, there’s still only going to be 24 guys off the board. And it sounds like they’re all kept pre-draft – as in: they’re not kept in place of a pick in the draft. That being the case, you’re simply worried about value and scarcity. Get the highest rated guys that are also from the most scarce positions.

What draft pick number will you have? That’ll determine who you’ll likely get with your first few picks and better inform who you should keep. As part of that, I’d go through your league’s other 11 rosters and do a best-bet on each of their 2 keepers. Most teams it’ll be pretty obvious. That list of 22 kept players will likely give you a clear picture of which 2 guys you’ll have to keep. Especially if you have a late 1st round pick, meaning you’ll have little chance of getting your 3rd best option during the draft’s first round.


Thanks a ton for all of the input already! Here are a few more little tidbits:

  • I do NOT have to give up draft picks - they are kept pre-draft
  • I do NOT know who everyone else is keeping
  • My draft position is #7