Keeper - Cook, Jones, Sanders or Mahomes

PPR, one keeper. Can keep for 2 years. Cook for 1st round, Aaron Jones for 2nd round, Miles Sanders for 6th round or Mahomes for 11th round (my last year’s keeper).

Mahomes in the 11th is such a value. But how many RB will be available to draft early? If you can keep Mahomes and draft a good RB in the 1st round go for it. But if you only way at a good RB is by keeping, then keep Sanders in the 6th.

Thanks for the reply. That is exactly the problem I have if I keep Mahomes, no good RBs left. I hate to give up Mahomes, but I have the 10th pick and with the other team’s keepers (mostly RBs) there isn’t any great RBs left once I draft 10th in the first round.