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Keeper Cooks or Cooper, Brady or T Coleman


12 team full PPR Keeper no penalties. I can keep 2 at any 2016 Draft position and 1 sixth round or back. My first six are D. Johnson, Cooks, Cooper and Murray.(Dropped and traded K Allen and AP) Sixth round back are Brady, T. Coleman, C. Coleman and Meredith. Of course I’m keeping D. Johnson. After that I’m lost. Really like Cooper and after last year down on Cooks. But, with the trade would Cooks be better with Brady and then would in any case you go with T Coleman over Brady? No one in my league likes Murray so I could always get him first round so I am not worried about him.


Just to check. It’s 3 keepers in total? 2 from the first group and one from the second?

Johnson is the obvious no brainer. I got burned by Cooks last season :rage: so my choice would definitely be swayed even more so towards Cooper.

Brady or Coleman is a tougher choice. If your a 2QB league then I’d go Brady without a doubt. Otherwise it would be a value pick for me. who do you think you could pick up in the second or third round. For that reason i may be inclined towards Brady again actually.

I’m quite high on Meredith this year too mind. Did pretty well last year and has a good chance to be the number one receiver for the Bears. I may not necessarily chose him from the given options as a keeper. But would certainly be looking to pick him back up in the draft.

Good luck with whatever choice you make.


Yeah, single QB, 0-2 keepers from first group, at least 1 from second group. Could drop both Cooks and Cooper and keep Brady and Coleman but I’m not doing that. I would probably be able to pick both of them up in second round. Our league was very lopsided last year and still a lot of talent out there. I have a couple of guys who have to make choices like Gronk/Ajayi, Howard/ Diggs, McCoy/Edelman/Hopkins, Bell/Nelson/A Brown. 2 Division league and they are 4 of the 5 teams I went against. No wonder I finished 2-8 in division last year.LOL


I’d keep Cooper anyway. I understand your worry about Cook excelling in the NE offence under Brady though. Cooks is the unknown with so many good players around him. At least you know Cooper should have a safer floor.

Do your keepers count as the last picks of your draft?

I went 3-10 last year in my first dynasty league :unamused:


Keepers are considered round 1-3 picks, so we actually start drafting in round 4. I was basically thinking the same thing with Cooper/Cooks. My next problem is Brady who is turning 40 before the season or Coleman for the long run, considering Freeman is a free agent after 2017.


I would definitely keep DJ and a WR - I’m low on Cooks, so Cooper would be the pick for me. Since Brady would count as your 3rd round pick I’d lean to Coleman.