Keeper Crisis!

I am the Commissioner. One of our teams chose to keep JK Dobbins prior to his season ending injury and we haven’t had our draft yet. What is the solution to this?

I would hate to force him to lose his 3rd round pick by keeping a player who won’t play. I know "that’s fantasy football," but something like this happening prior to draft just seems unfair. My take is simply giving him his 3rd pick back and not allowing an alternative keeper. If he still wants to maybe keep him following the season he can take Dobbins with his last pick.

Thanks Footclan!

Assuming the keeper deadline has passed and Dobbins is locked in as that team’s keeper?

Even so, unless there’s a rule in your league that explicitly states a team has to keep their locked player no matter what, Dobbins should be taken off of their roster and they should have their pick back for the draft.

It should be done with the manager’s consent. Better yet, that manager should be stating their intent to release Dobbins as a keeper and the commish should release the player.

In general, the commish shouldn’t be actively advising teams unless there’s an extreme circumstance.

Good luck.

Thanks. No rule in place for this as it’s never happened. This occurrence will establish a new rule.

Yes deadline has passed and Dobbins is locked as a keeper.
I agree releasing Dobbins is the most fair resolution.