Keeper Cut - last spot dilemma - PPR 14tm

Hey guys,
My cut deadline is tonight and all my trade offers fell flat.
My league keeps a full roster and one bench spot of any position
I’m keeping Brees, M.Thomas, C.Kupp, T.MacLauren, C.Carson, L.Bell, Kelce.

So I have one bench spot to choose to keep from these:
Devante Parker, Raheem Mostert, Jarvis Landry, and Darren Waller.

I was originally leaning Parker, but I’m starting to have doubts and tip more towards Mostert. I hate cutting Waller too. Trades just never worked out.

What did you decide?

It was brutal, but I went with Mostert. Felt like the WR pool is deeper, and finding a viable WR3 with upside is easier than finding a viable RB2 in my league. I really started to question Parker’s ability to repeat last year too…with Preston back, Gesecki emerging and the Fins having actual RB’s we’ve heard of (Howard and Breida) and then you throw in the eventual changing of the guard to Tua. It’s just hard to tell how all that plays into Parker’s usage this year. I like him a lot…he just feels riskier this year. Like going all in with a pair of Jacks before the flop.

I think you made the correct call for all the reasons you mentioned!

Just had my draft last night, and it was pretty cool how it worked out after my keeper cuts listed above. I had the 13th pick (of 14) in the first round and 16th (2nd in second Round after snake). Most of the first round was rookies (dynasty league), but there was some FA drops that snuck in there too. CEH-Taylor-J.Conner-A.Thielen-Dobbins-Akers-Swift-D.Singletary-J.Howard-D.Waller-Z.Moss-Burrow…all went before me…so I swooped in with the one-finger death punch selecting Antonio Gibson. Then, my 2nd pick snaked around and I snatched back Devante Parker :joy:…after all my complaining/analyzing whether to drop him or Mostert. My other two picks (after the longgggg wait) were Djax and Tua. I stashed the TB defense for a backup with my last pick, and woke up this morning to pick up and stash R.Armstead in my Cov-IR slot.

Soooo…14 team league in PPR looks competitive:
Starters are Brees, Thomas, Kupp, MacLauren, Carson, Bell, Kelce
Bench is Mostert, Gibson, D.Parker, DJax, Tua, Armstead

I’m excited for this year, but next year I have a feeling my keeper dilemma could be even worse.

Thanks again for your help/insight :beers:

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Awesome, gotta love the feeling of getting the players you really want fall to you in the draft! Now, do they deliver?!?!? :joy::joy::joy:

So you are telling me that you have that line up in a 14 team league? Amazing.

Yessir. This is our 6 or 7th season though. Bell, Brees, and Kelce are my only carryovers from our first draft. The rest were from waivers and subsequent drafts of rookies and “keeper cuts.” We keep quite a few players also though (full roster and one bench player).