Keeper dak ppr

Keeper league, 10 team, keep Gurley or Michael Thomas?? This is ppr and don’t trust Gurley but have heard good things lately and know rbs are going to be rare. Let me know foot clan.

Are there picks associated with Keepers in your league?

No everyone just selects one player from last year’s team, then we start the draft normally with whatever players are left. I’m picking 3rd.

Hands down Michael Thomas for me.

Definitely Thomas then.

Gotcha yeah I was leaning towards Thomas but then started hearing Gurley was looking good and with the new leadership and better o line. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t worth a keeper.

Thanks guys

I think he is worth a keeper, but not over Thomas. You’d have a better chance of drafting him back, having kept Thomas, than you would to draft Thomas back, having kept Gurley.

That makes sense, I’ll just see if ppl let Gurley slip. I don’t want to use my 1st rnd pick, after a Thomas keeper, on Gurley since I’m 3rd pick and there might be better rbs.

Definitely not (unless the usual 1st round suspects are so keepers, which seems lilely in that format). I meant there’s a better chance of him coming back in the second.

Thomas no wuestion