Keeper - Damien Harris or Kyler

12-team non-PPR league.

We’re allowed to keep 3 players each year for a maximum of 3 years. Each year the value increases 1 round (e.g. 2020 4th will be a 2021 3rd). I’m torn between what to do with Damien Harris for a 7th round pick or Kyler for a 5th.

My other 2 keepers are:
Darren Waller - 6th
DK Metcalf - 5th

I do not have a 3rd round pick this year but have 2 4th round picks.

I’d lean Kyler.

I like Harris a lot this season and would love him in non ppr. But I think I have to go with Kyler as Harris adp is around round six on standard? If so I don’t think you’re getting enough value to grab him with the keeper over Kyler.

That’s where I’m leaning. My only regret is in the 1st 6 picks taking a QB and TE and forcing my hand to get RBs early; otherwise I’m picking up the scraps in the 7th+ rounds.

Harris would be at ADP may a slight value since there will be 12-15 guys kept meaning he would be drafted 5th/6th. Same can be said about Murray’s draft position moving up.

Feels like you’re getting a better value on Kyler based on ADP. Plus it’s a shot a real difference maker. Damien Harris feels like his ceiling would be an inconsistent RB2.

That’s the way I would go and then see if you can replace that keeper spot the following year (you’re probably keeping Waller for 5th and Metcalf for 4th next year).