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Keeper - David Johnson plus 2 others


I’m in a 12 team 1/2 ppr 3 keeper league and trying to decide what the best keeper choice would be. I have David Johnson so he is a lock. I ended up with an all star team last year, and I hate to let anyone go, but those pesky rules won’t let me. Which 2 from this list would you pair with David Johnson?

AJ Green for a 2nd round pick
Jordy Nelson for a 3rd round pick
Melvin Gordon for a 9th round pick
Michael Thomas for a last round pick (obtained from waivers)

I usually know what I want to do, but this is a tough one!

Thanks -


I would keep Michael Thomas and Melvin Gordon. Then I would use the 2nd round pick to try and get a quality WR (assuming David Johnson is being kept in the first round)


I agree. Best of both worlds. Value, and top class players. If you get to keep your 1st, I immediately go right back after green. Probably won’t be there, but I still chase what ever we gets to your first pick.