Keeper Debate!

Debating between Aaron Jones 10, Marlon Mack 11 or George Kittle 12. It’s a one year keeper league 12 teams .5ppr (10th Pick). Can’t decide if I want to take the value with Kittle and know I have an elite Te locked up and target Rbs/Wrs early in the draft. Or take Jones for the possible upside and lock up a Rb early because I more than likely will be taking Wrs with my draft position rounds 1&2. I’m also a Packers fan which makes this even harder! Still really don’t trust the commitment to the run in Green Bay and Jones is already going into the season with a hamstring injury. Probably being hard on Jones though because I came in second last year because I lost him to injury and wasn’t able to grab Williams off waivers for the championship . Thanks for reading my rant #footclan I appreciate everyone’s opinion!

If you are set on going WR wih your first 2 picks I keep Jones because that’s a long wait for the next pick. If you were to go RB/RB or WR/RB I keep Kittle because he is the safer pick and should be top 5 if not top 3 TE, but I think his numbers go down a bit.

No talk for Mack at all? The guy played in 12 games and had 900 yards and 9 TDs rushing with another receiving. I agree Jones’s ceiling is higher than Mack’s but with him being hurt already it scares me a bit. If you can hold off and Jones ends up off the injury report before week 1 I go that way. If not I go Mack personally.