Keeper Decision - 2 Keeper League

I can keep two of the following (1 PPR)…

Josh Allen - 8th Round
Michael Thomas - 9 Round
George Kittle - 11th Round

Who do you think I should keep?

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Whyyy we’re kittle and Thomas available in the 9th and 11th round? I think you have to go with kittle?

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In this league they are keepers for life from where they were drafted as rookies.

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Kittle and Thomas for me.


Howdy and welcome!

I’m guessing you meant Josh Allen? I’m not sure who Jared Allen is, but maybe IDP? I’ll presume it’s Josh Allen, QB BUF.

If so, Allen and Kittle for me. I get the stream QB idea and it works, but so does locking down a solid QB1 that late. MT is certainly a value, but WR is not all too hard to find value. Kittle is the only definite. The 11th is bonkers.

So my vote would be JOSH Allen / Kittle.

If it is Jared, I cannot assess his value as I do not know him and then I’d lean MT / Kittle.

Hope this helps!


LOL, I am an idiot! Yes, Josh Allen. Thanks (fixed it)

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Easy decision for me, Josh Allen & Kittle

I would do Allen and Kittle. Could easily be the #1 QB and the #1 TE. I dont trust Thomas without know who the QB is going to be.

It’s a fair point, but at ninth round price I’d feel only slightly uncomfortable with you at qb. :wink: