Keeper Decision: Aaron Jones vs. Pat Mahomes

Greetings FootClan,

I’ll give a quick rundown of my league’s keeper rules; Half PPR, 12 teams, pretty standard scoring.

We are allowed to keep one player each year. The same player cannot be kept two years in a row. The player you choose to keep must have been originally drafted by your team, and must be on your roster at the end of the year. Also, in order to qualify as a keeper, the player must have been drafted in round 4 or after. Finally, the keeper is inserted as the very last pick of the draft (round 15 or 16, I can’t remember). So here I am debating Aaron Jones vs. Pat Mahomes.

For some context, I’m pick 7 out of 12. I’m a Green Bay fan, which is probably why this is harder than it should be. I’d love to get Davante Adams or another top WR at pick 7. I’ll detail some pros and cons of the two.

Pat Mahomes

  • Con: Possible sophomore slump - Probably won’t repeat last year’s stats
  • Pro: Free QB1 - Don’t have to use a 2nd/3rd round pick on the top QB
  • Pro: Will be the head of probably the most explosive offense yet again

Aaron Jones

  • Con: Hamstring & Injury concerns - I was a 2018 Dalvin Cook owner, I know how these hamstring injuries can linger
  • Con: Possible committee approach, even though Aaron Jones is the superior RB
  • Con: New offense makes it hard to predict the offensive gameplan
  • Pro: Amazing RB, top tier yards per carry
  • Pro: Great in passing game
  • Pro: #GoPackGo

Right now, I’m leaning towards Mahomes. Jones and Mahomes have a similar ADP, so this is a tough decision for me. Please let me know what you think, and why. Thanks FootClan!!!

im a chiefs fan, so this should bring an interesting view point for you as a packers fan.

obviously, i love mahomes. dude is a freak, and i dont expect a sophomore slump for him as a player. but i do expect his stats to go down, because im not crazy. i do think he could match or break his stats from last year, but thats like a 2% chance. i still think he is the top QB to have, and will light the league on fire. but, im not keeping him. even for that cheap. not when i have 2 big things going for me by keeping jones.

jones is on a very good offense, and i believe he will be a 65% or better guy. so todays “workhorse” RB. i am concerned with injury, but not for super crazy cheap like that. im willing to roll the dice to get a, “if all goes right” top 5 guy with RB2 floor. so thats the short version of part 1.

part 2 is pretty simple. its like you said, mahomes is going around the end of the second, beginning of the 3rd. thats really rich for a QB, and will more than likely hurt who ever takes him unless he just plays like a god again (please and thank you) but the chances are just so slim even with all of his talent, im willing to let him go to overall hurt someone elses team by letting them take the risk of drafting him so early.

Thanks for the insight @BusterD, it really helps having a view from the other side. I’ve been struggling with this decision since the end of last season. I really don’t know who I’ll end up with. Originally I wanted Jones obviously, but lately I’ve swayed towards Mahomes. My league is always so RB heavy, and this could be Jones’s first shot at a full-fledged RB1 season. And you’re so right about Mahomes probably not repeating those stats and hurting someone else who drafts a QB that high. I have 12 days to decide, wish me luck!