Keeper decision. Chubb for a 2nd, or Waller for a 6th?

16 person standard league. I feel like securing a solid RB may benefit me more but Waller for a 6th is crazy appealing.

16 teams is a lot. Chubb would basically be a mid-first round pick in a 16 team league in a lot of people’s estimation. I would probly rank him a little lower than that, but getting him in the 2nd round of a league that large would be a minor coup–and the moreso the later your 2nd round pick would be.

Waller in the 6th is good value, to be sure, but the development of the rookie WRs (Ruggs and Edwards) and the addition of John Brown might mean that less of the passing game goes through Waller this season. And when you can get a top 10 TE like C.J. Uzomah in the late rounds anyway, it makes spending an early pick on one kind of silly.

And when you say “standard” league, I assume you mean non-PPR, so that further devalues the receiver in comparison to the stud RB.

I say Chubb.