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Keeper Decision_DJohnson, MThomas, and?


$200 12 Team PPR
I have the following keeper options:
David Johnson - $5, Michael Thomas- $4, Lamar Miller-$10, Davante Adams- $6, Martavius Bryant- $6, Ty Montgomery-$6.

Obviously keep DJ and Thomas but I am leaning Ty because of the opportunity he has. I just don’t feel confident on the other guys. Am I crazy?


Not crazy at all! Ty Montgomery for sure! He will get volume, running and he is a pass catcher.


Holy wow! You get all 3 for $15?! That is crazy! You can overpay for studs all day long and you already have the top (1 or2) RB and a top 10 WR. If you choose Ty, that is a rock solid RB2.


Yeah it works out great for the price. I lucked in these guys fortunately with the way we do keepers and how long we can keep them. Actually traded of Melvin Gordon at $22 for Thomas. I figured there was less risk and I save cap space. Appreciate the feedback.


if im keeping any other running back its miller. 4 bucks more, but i know he is going to start every single week. monty python on the other hand, barely even did anything last year and people are going crazy for him. i just dont see it. they drafted 15 billion RBs in the draft, so they are not thrilled by having him as their guy either. i mean seriously, with that defense, they focused RB hard. that being said, bryant is interesting here, but too risky. adams is also interesting, but i want someone who will fill value pretty hard. thats miller for me. getting a top flight (ish) RB to pair with DJ is almost impossible this year. you can do that, AND get a top flight WR for 8% of your budget. that gives you so much buying power its ridiculous.