Keeper Decision Help!

Need some advise on keepers. In an 8-team standard league (6pt Passing TD) and get to keep 1 player for their draft value from last year. Here are my best options:

McCaffrey for a 4th Round Pick or
Kerryon for an 11th Round Pick
(I will draft in the 6 spot of 8)

Also need help for my wife’s team, her options:

Mahommes for a 13th
Mixon for a 6th
Coleman for a 10th
(she will draft from the 7th position of 8)


CMC for your team, and then for your wife’s I’d go with Mahomes. In an 8 team league, especially with 6 point passing TDs every team is pretty stacked so having the advantage at QB is much more valuable than it is in a 12 team league