Keeper decision help

I can keep 3, with no draft pick penalty, out of David Johnson :musical_note:, AJ Green, Mike Evans, Melvin Gordon, and Brandon Cooks. Format is .5PPR and starting 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, and 1 Flex.

DJ, AJ, and Evans for me. As long as you keep DJ and don’t keep Cooks you’re set.

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I think Cooks is the obvious drop (too many weapons for him to get enough volume in comparison to Evans and Green)…with DJ being the obvious keeper. With the other 3 guys I would wait until the last possible second to make the decision to make sure one of them doesn’t come up hurt in one of the preseason games or practices.

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Do, aj, and Gordon for me. To lock up too rb1s and a wr1 is too valuable. You can find good wrs later, you cant find good rbs later. For the most part. So in short, go value and position scarcity.

I’d go DJ, Gordon, and AJ. Really like having two rb1s to buoy my team, and AJ Green is awesome

Cooks is the obvious drop. DJ and AJ are the elites you must keep. It comes down to whether you choose evans or gordon personally I’d go gordon because later in the draft there is so much WR of good value, not evans but good value, and most of the RBs later in the draft are pretty bad