Keeper decision - Julio as 1, Evans as 3

I can keep 2. I’m keeping Kittle in the 13th. I can either keep Julio in the 1st or Evans in the 3rd. Initially I thought I’d do Julio…but I’m starting to lean on Evans in the 3rd which lets me keep my 1st.


What pick do you have in the first and who’s available to pick from plays a pretty big role in this decision for me

I’d say Evans in the 3rd but that depends on who is available in the first and what pick you have.

10th pick (out of 10)…Keepers aren’t finalized yet so I don’t know who all will be available to me.

Interesting. Evans is probably a better value, but Julio is arguably a value at 10. Seems that you end up with a solid top 3 if you keep Evans, but may miss out on a true #1.