Keeper Decision- Kerryon 6th Kittle 11th PPR 12 Team

Just curious what people would think, I’m extremely torn between the two. Full point PPR in a 12 team league single year keepers.

Still looking for input here, leaning 75% towards KErryon as I draft 7th in the draft this year. Looking like a Dhop/DJ/D.A pick at 7 although I do love Michael Thomas there as well.

Any input on Gurley at 7 knowing I keep KJ later?

Keep Kittle. No doubts.

That’s a tough one. I like keeping Kerryon here. I’m a big fan of loading up on the RB/WR assets in the first four rounds, with KJ being your 5th to round it out. I’d think either OJ Howard or Evan Engram would be sitting there at 5.07, I think both are poised for big years.

I do as well, I struggle to believe that Kittle won’t see a 10-15 catch reduction with how different that offense could look, but Still really like him as a top # TE.

Kerryon being in a backfield with 250+ Vacated touches is just super intriguing and gives me an instant RB2 option, just hard to overlook the Value I’m possibly leaving behind.

I’m keeping Kerryon in the 6th there for sure, it’s nice value on Kittle but securing a top 15 RB in the 6th round is great, especially when you consider the upside Kerryon has