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Keeper decision: Lamar Jackson or Miles Sanders

Hey everyone, I need some keeper advice.

Picking at the 12 spot on the turn because I won that #FootClanTitle last year.

In a league where at least eight running backs will be taken before me in the first round. Do I keep Lamar Jackson or Miles Sanders?

Last season I kept Aaron Jones over Mahomes and it worked out. How do I handle the choice between these two?

(half ppr redraft; all keepers are assigned as the last picks of the draft)

1 QB, Sanders.
2 QB, Jackson.

League is one qb. Thanks for your input!

Smart answer is probably Sanders.
Fun Answer is keep Lamar, grab two of DJ/Gordon/Leveon/Carson.


That’s why I’m struggling with the decision so much. Having a potential top 10 rb in Sanders for free, and I can draft whichever rb is there along with an elite wr at 1.12 and 2.1

If I keep Lamar, I’m almost forced to go rb - rb at 1.12 and 2.1. Because this league is always rb-happy. Thus I’d be missing out on a top 5 wr.

Yeah you have to figure between 1.1 to 1.11 at least, what, 12 RBs off the board?
But WR is usually the easiest to play catch up on.
Good problem to have!