Keeper Decision: Miles Sanders vs. Lamar Jackson

Hey everyone, I need some keeper advice. I’ve asked this before, but time has passed and some things have changed.

I’ll be picking at the 12 spot, on the turn, because I won that #FootClanTitle last year.

In a league where at least eight running backs will be taken before me in the first round…Do I keep Lamar Jackson or Miles Sanders?

The current Sanders “injury” has me feeling sketched out about him. But having him along with two other potential top 15 rbs sound extra spicy and I really like it. Worst case scenario, Miles is on the bench for just a few weeks, right?

But on the other side, I have the cheat code in Lamar who acts as a top end rb and qb simultaneously. I also won’t have a shot at him in the draft if I don’t keep him, more than likely.

Last season I kept Aaron Jones over Mahomes and it worked out. How do I handle the choice between these two? Is it better to stock up on high end rbs or have the superstar qb who can drop 50 points at the drop of a hat?

(half ppr redraft - single quarterback league - one keeper per year - all keepers are assigned as the last picks of the draft)

Thanks for your time!