Keeper Decision Need Help!

Hey Footclan, I have a decision to make. Do I keep Michael Thomas in the 5th or Kenny Golladay in the 11th. Keepers due this week.

Michael Thomas projects 1300yds and 8 TD
Kenny Golladay projects 1050yds and 6 TD

What do you think Footclan? Help Please!!

Thomas no question. There is good value with Golladay in the 11th, but there is crazy good value with Thomas in the 5th. Thomas is a 1st round pick in most drafts, is on one of the most high scoring offenses in the league, and has a chance at being the #1 overall WR, while Golladay is one one of the lowest scoring teams who have said they want to be a run first team.

M. Thomas and its not even close… Here… He is far away the better player and your keeping him 4 rounds later than his 1.11 adp

Another vote for Thomas. Easy decision here