Keeper Decision - Pick 2

Have to pick my keepers by Friday and currently choosing between:

Michael Thomas - 1st Rd

DeAndre Hopkins - 1st Rd

Josh Jacobs - 3rd Rd

Aaron Jones - 7th Rd

Lamar Jackson - 11th Rd

Im definitely going with Lamar and I am leaning Aaron Jones due to value but Josh Jacobs is pretty good value as well. Should i still stick with LJ and AJ?

If it’s a 1 QB league, I’m going Thomas, Jacobs and Jones.

Even with the draft capital of LJ and AJ? I have to pick 2 and i get them in the round drafted them last year. or +2 rounds if previously kept.

What are your starting lineup requirements?

1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex moving to 1 Flex/1 SuperFlex next year.

With the info now you’re moving to Superflex, I’d maybe pivot and go Jackson, Jones and Jacobs. Could get Thomas or Hopkins again with your 1st round pick.

Really buried the lead there! :laughing:

With the switch to SF, if you keep Lamar this year what would be his keeper cost be next year?

Jones in 7th over Jacobs in 3rd if picking 2?

If i keep him this year in the 11th, i can keep him again next year in the 9th

Jackson and Jacobs. Jacobs will more than likely be a first rounder anyways in 2021

Thats what has me tilting but the UDK has both ranked same tier and right next to each other so Ive been leaning more value.

For my keeper league I look at the dynasty rankings. Just cause it’s basically the same thing

I actually do the opposite. In Keeper leagues, I treat them as redraft and rarely look at future years. (unless the league is switching to SF :wink:)

Keepers can only be kept 3 years as well so this would be my first year keeping LJ and Josh Jacobs but second year keeping Aaron Jones. Is it worth the risk to keep Aaron Jones because of value but then he loses his job to AJ Dillon or is used in a committee? Whereas Josh Jacobs is going to be the workhorse.