Keeper Decision Question

Hey FootClan, gotta keeper decision I need to make soon. I can keep one of the following:

Zeke for this year and the next year
James Conner for this year and two more
Michael Thomas for this year.

I don’t have to give any compensation, just pick one. That said, it’s pretty easy to keep a stud for a year (anyone that is a second round or later can be kept for at least one season.) So I know Thomas is the worst pick long-term, but I could also just snag another during this years draft. Thoughts? I’m still leaning towards Zeke, but not sure it’s worth the risk.

I would probably just keep Zeke as well… Yes, the risk exists, but you’d also be keeping the BEST running back in the game for 2 years. Even if he misses half the season this year, you’ll still have him for 24 games total.

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Yeah I would go with Zeke as well

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