Keeper Decision - Terry McLaurin vs. Damien Harris (and others)

Hey everyone, I need some keeper advice. Well, more like reassurance that I’m choosing the right guy here. I’m in an extremely competitive league, where probably ten running backs will be taken in the first round.

  • 12 Team, half ppr, standard redraft with one keeper
  • QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, D/ST, K
  • Picking at the 6 spot, so probably locking down a top 6 RB with my first pick
  • All keepers are assigned as the last round picks of the draft per each team

My keeper options are:
Terry McLaurin
Marquise Brown
Deebo Samuel
Damien Harris
Noah Fant

Obviously leaning towards the most value with Terry McLaurin. He has the highest ADP by far. Really the only other player I would consider would be Damien Harris, solely because he is a starting running back, and you can never have too many running backs.

What do you all think? McLaurin is the way to go…right?

Yeah, probly. I like Harris, but the chances of drafting him back to your team if you want him are pretty good. The chances of drafting McLaurin back to your team from the 6 slot in a 12 teamer is dicey. If you didn’t reach for him in the 2nd, he might be gone by the time you pick in the third, as his ADP is 29.65 and you’d be picking 30th. Of course, that doesn’t mean you might not get a BETTER WR in the 3rd, like Lamb, but like you said, McLaurin represents the best draft value of your potential keepers.