Keeper Decision: Zeke or Mike Evans

In my league we get one keeper who should I keep? Mike Evans or Ezekiel Elliott. I would appreciate the feedback.

I think I would keep Mike Evans. I don’t think Elliot’s suspension gets reduced meaning you’ll lose him for half the season. With that in mind, it is very possible he drops back to you in your draft so you could in theory end up with both guys.

Thanks for the advice I thought with all the weapons in Tampa that might make Evans not as good a fantasy option.

I would pick Zeke, even if the suspension stays I would pick him. I think he will get 4 or less games but still he is way better than evans. Keep him!!!

This may be true, but those new weapons means teams can’t double Evans like they did last season. (He had less pts in the 2nd half). Additionally, he is going to play 6 more games then Zeke.

How long can you keep a player? Zeke may only be playing half of the games, but he’ll be a stud for a long time to come if he stays out of further trouble.

It’s just for this season.