Keeper Decision!

I am in a 12-team keeper league full PPR. Each team must start 1 QB, 2 RBS, 1 TE, 3 WRs and a flex which can be WR/RB/TE. Each team must keep two players and each player has a draft round value. So if a player was drafted in the 1st round last year then it will cost you your 1st rounder to keep that player. I will have the 6th overall pick in our draft this year and want opinions on the best choices. Persuade me! Here are my options: Joe Mixon RD 1, Stefon Diggs RD 4, Sammy Watkins RD 5, DJ Moore RD 8, Kenny Golladay Rd 12, and Hunter Henry RD 15. Thank you baller community, Andy, Mike , and Jason!

I think Golladay is definitely one of the keepers for me, then I’m not sure on the next one. To me, Mixon is a 2nd round pick so using a first for him isn’t great, although in mocks I do see him going 1st round. I would probably keep Diggs then, as there aren’t any other players that would be a value for the round u give up besides henry, but with 2 keepers I wouldn’t keep a TE unless its one of the top 3. So diggs and golladay would be my keepers

My suggestions are Diggs and either Henry/Golladay depending on who you’re higher on for this year. I personally would rather have Golladay.

I’d keep Diggs and Golladay. Watkins could be the pick depending on how long Tyreek is out but Golladay for a 12th is pretty juicy.

I would say Diggs & Golladay are safe. I do like DJ Moore a lot this year and that’s good value for him too. I like him more than Golladay on a fantasy standpoint, but I don’t think I could pass up the value of Golladay here. I wouldn’t keep Watkins, people are way too high on him. Even if Hill misses time, I don’t think Watkins will be able to fill any shoes. Mixon in RD1 is too expensive, and I agree that you shouldn’t keep a TE unless his name is Kelce.

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Thank you all for the opinions. I was also leaning towards Diggs and Golladay but the opportunity for Watkins spiked my interest. Once we know more about Tyreek Hill, try to come back to this and let me know if your opinions change.