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Keeper decision


2 keepers hold for 3 years max value goes up 1 rd per year, 12 teams, ppr.

A. Rob 3rd, Ajayi 9th, D. Adams 12th, T. Williams 12th, Dixon 15,

My thought is Ajayi and Adams unless I can get a huge trade for 1 of them. Ajayi’s health and their line scare me. I have a good chance at getting a top 3 pick and I will know my draft spot before keepers are due. If I end up with top pick I might keep Dixon since I should be able take Bell(3 years is up).


Ajayi and Adams is probably the smartest at face value, but Adams still scare me a little bit, and I value running backs so I wouldn’t completely dismiss Dixon in 15. If he ends up the starter could be a steal.


While I like ARob to rebound this season, Ajayi and D.Adams are huge values in those rounds and are the guys I’d be goin with!


Ajayi and Adams for sure.