Keeper Decisions!

4 Keeper 12 man ppr . I have to pick between A. Jones, Dobbins, Gibson, McLaurin, and Jefferson…I’m in win now mode after placing second. Should I strengthen my core and move Dobbins and Lamb for a RB? If so, who do you think i could get for them?

I would keep Jones, Gibson, McLaurin, and Jefferson. Thats a hell of core IMO


Just to clarify you have Lamb too is that correct or have I misunderstood?

If you have Dobbins and Lamb ready to move for an RB I’m hoping there’s a guy with kamara etc struggling for a quality fourth keeper and I’m making my case of help me to help you. So rather than individual players I’m targeting league opponents with elite talent but limited keeper options

@Mr_Wind-up_Bird Yes I have Lamb too. Ironic you mention Kamara because that’s who i was aiming for initially. He has Akers, but also has Henderson. I was going to try to take a run at Henry too, but we’ll see.

@Bmac3138 I want to keep McLaurin so bad but RB scoring is so inflated in this league that dobbins in the flex is a steal smh.


I always side with RBs since they have such high value and are very hard to replace or come close. I’d keep Jefferson with the rbs. I wouldn’t trade dobbins and lamb for anyone else but kamara or mccafffery

You really think i could get CMC or Kamara with those 2?