Keeper Desicions

I can keep 3. Only 1 per position (i.e. 1x RB and 1x WR, etc). I do not have to keep 3, can keep 1, 2, or none. I will be drafting #9 in a 12 person draft, ballers preferred scoring (1/2ppr); 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX, 1DEF

Already planning to lock in my 2nd round pick for L. Bell and Julio for my 1st round pick.

What I am debating is whether I should draft Jordan Reed for my 4th round pick or if I should just play the draft and if he falls to me in the 5th round, take him? I do not think he will fall to the 5.10 spot though… Suggestions?

If you really want him i would use the keeper as i dont think he’ll be there in the 5th.

I’d play the game in the draft because if you really want him you can always reach for him in the fourth but if the draft is rolling and you see someone else you really like in the 4th then take them and gamble on Reed being there in the 5th.

I’ve got a keeper question too if you don’t mind weighing in?

The other thing to consider here is that if you keep or draft him, you’ll only get on average about 11 games from him. It means you might have to burn another position to get a replacement during the year, which is essentially carrying 2 TEs for the season.

I’d stay away from Jordan and turn that 5th pick into a decent RB or WR. You can take a chance on a healthier TE or take a risk on a dark horse. Jordan is a little too volatile for me.

In a 3WR I’d probably go crowder. News around gilly hasn’t been great lately either…

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And thanks for the info I didn’t keep him for my 4th… I felt like there are a lot more RBs I’d rather take at that position.