Keeper dilemma 2020

Hello, footclan. First time poster here. I have a bit of a dilemma. Would appreciate any feedback. It’ll seem like a CSB, but hear me out. I need advice on my keeper. It is a full PPR league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 W/T/R, K, D/ST. 6 points per Pass TD. I can keep Lamar Jackson for a 12th, Kyler Murray for a 13th, or AJ Brown for a 17th. What say you? Thanks in advance.

Tough one. Definitely in between Lamar and AJB for me.

How long can you keep a player for?

Simply because its a 6 point passing TD league i would go with AJ Brown. Lamar is obviously better than Kyler so that takes him out on the running for me. And although Lamar is a fantasy stud, his relative value is lower because of the scoring format. Quarterbacks who have more passing touchdowns will still be closer to Lamar in fantasy points per game because he is not gaining the 2 point advantage on every rushing touchdown. It’s a big hit to what makes him so valuable in the first place.

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Keep for one season, then back in the player pool.

Good points here. Yes, I usually go late round QB in this league, which is how I had those two in back to back rounds. So I would have no problem doing it again.

Yeah with only keeping someone for a season I would go AJB

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